Friday, March 6, 2009

This is where we begin

My wife has convinced me that blogging is an important piece of marketing for our store. So I've enlisted my time in a personal blog site just to practice. I have next to no skills on the internet, although I've been emailing, googling, and playing poker for the last 7 years. But when it comes to navigating my way around or even trying to import a picture, I feel like an inept particle of debris, floating aimlessly through nooks and crannies of an old 1837 o-18 Martin guitar that got held up and considered lost on a 747 in cargo. So yes, I've traveled the world many time and have mingled with foreign dust balls but i never got off the plane to experience the culture or familiarize myself with the infrastructure. So I live in my safe little internet haven and I'm humiliated. So I'm saying it now, I'm out of the guitar box (closet) and I want to learn. My name is Al and life is a box of M&M's. You just have to eat them before they melt in your hand.